LIVERPOOL Wedding photographer


Liverpool Wedding photographer

Hi and welcome,

My name is Margaux and I am a professional wedding photographer with 4 years experience.

Your wedding pictures will be passed on to your children and you grand-children, They will stay with you throughout your life.

Choosing your photographer is essential to your wedding's organization. He or she must be able to identify your personnality and your desires. I will melt in and you will forget I was ever there in order to capture the most sincere emotions. 

I am familiar with wedding organisation and I am devoted to help you with yours. I am there for you if you need any advice, think of me as your ally to facilitate your life on the D-day in Liverpool.

I would delighted to be on your side for your wedding in Liverpool, and discover with you the best places to make creative and spontaneous shots with the best light. Creative because my approach of photography is artistic, and spontaneous because I will transcribe your wedding into a photo reportage.

Every couple is different, and I will be very proud to be invited in your bubble, in your family. That is the reason why I will need to meet you (in real life or on Skype) to know you and to know you expectations for your Big Day. How do you imagine your wedding, what is important for you ? What are your inspirations, your dreams ?

I am driven by my passion, by the light off course, my artistic intuition and your crazy ideas. I love when you decide to do whatever you want for your wedding day, and the more you go outside the box, the happier I will be. Let’s make the best photos of your best day !

If you are ready to create with me you can contact me or have a look on the rest of my website here.